About Our Company

SRA is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with a defined structure.  The five small business partnering companies of SRA are detailed below:

Fairfield Service Group, Inc. (FSG):  FSG is a woman-owned small business located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee providing project management, engineering, environmental management, remediation and waste management services to federal and commercial clients throughout the United States.  FSG has been providing high quality staff augmentation and professional services to DOE and other federal agencies for over 14 years.  FSG's skilled labor force employs scientists, engineers and technicians to deliver safe and cost effective support services.  FSG has established an exemplary safety record in work environments that present radiological, industrial and chemical hazards.  FSG's "Zero Accident" culture has ensured safety for workers, the environment and the customer.  FSG's work control process is founded upon the Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS).  FSG's employees take pride in performing the job right the first time through effective planning and execution.  FSG's commitment to the client is cost-effective service, provided on schedule and meeting all regulatory standards

Innovative Waste Solutions, LLC (IWS):  Innovative Waste Solutions, LLC (IWS):  IWS is a woman-owned small business based in Las Vegas, Nevada providing a broad range of environmental management, staffing and consulting services to clients in the government and commercial market sectors.  IWS has more than 16 years of staffing experience supporting operations at the NNSS and other DOE facilities throughout the United States.  Although IWS' primary focus is waste management services, IWS also provides professional, technical personnel related to Health and Safety, Engineering, and Technical services.  As a Waste Management provider, IWS personnel have characterized, profiled and supported the shipment of thousands of containers of low-level (LLW), hazardous, mixed and/or transuranic (TRU) waste to numerous treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facilities.  As a Health and Safety provider, IWS ensures radiological work conducted at government and commercial installations is conducted safely, with minimal radiation exposure.  Of course, IWS personnel commit themselves daily to the ISMS safety culture.

Project Services Group, LLC (PSG):  PSG has been providing reliable, high quality staff support and professional project services to the Department of Energy (DOE) and other federal agencies since the company began in 2003.  Specifically, PSG's partnership approach and performance with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, and previously Washington Savannah River Company, has continued to expand PSG's contracted tasks.  PSG has worked on-site with DOE Headquarters, Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Nevada National Security Site or N2S2 (formerly known as the Nevada Test Site) and Idaho National Laboratory.  PSG is a certified SDB who provides reliable, nationwide professional services to both the Federal Government and Federal Contractors on many of the most significant nuclear projects in the Weapons Complex.  PSG has been awarded several prime contracts with DOE and has performed this work successfully through independent achievement and by teaming with other professional support companies that meet the many needs and expectations of PSG's clients.

Turnkey Technical Services, LLC (TTS):  TTS is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Established in 2000, TTS has over 15 years of experience successfully delivering professional and staff augmentation services throughout the DOE complex, federal and commercial clients nationwide.  TTS is nationally recognized within the regulatory compliance, waste management, and transportation logistics community for its subject matter expertise in logistics/supply chain management and hazardous materials transportation professionals.  TTS offers one of the largest pools of qualified, mission-ready (including DOE L/Q cleared) employees, waste management, quality assurance, logistics, hazardous material and packaging specialists in the industry.  TTS has experience leading the implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for tracking equipment and inventory for DOE and commercial customers. TTS is totally committed to safety and understands that all accidents are preventable.  The health and safety of TTS personnel, the public and responsible environmental stewardship are the company's primary commitments.  TTS provides all training, monitoring, and personal protective equipment required for personal health and safety in keeping with the highest standards of quality.  These core values are the basis on which TTS operate and innovate.

Promeritas SBCG, Inc. (Promeritas):  Promeritas is a small, disadvantaged service-disabled veteran-owned firm located in Alcoa, Tennessee.  Promeritas has been providing quality staff augmentation and professional services to DOE and other federal agencies for over 9 years. Promeritas specializes in commercial industry and government services in the areas of professional, staff augmentation and engineering technical services.  Promeritas provides nuclear technical services for all aspects of nuclear operations, significant expertise in coal plant power development, combustion turbine generation units for peaking power and engineering upgrades of hydro facilities.  Promeritas attracts and maintains relationships and continued commitments from extremely seasoned and experienced industry professionals and leaders.  Promeritas technical services support professionals are among the best in the industry, with an average of 26 years of experience, with advanced degrees and certifications.  Promeritas staff has gained the accolades from clients for not only the quality of work, but for willingness to help the client overcome any issue they face.

SRA is always seeking technically qualified staff to provide Waste Program Support, Waste Coordinator and Transportation Specialist Support through our Waste Management and Transportation Services staffing contract. If you are interested in joining our staff, please email your resume to resumes@sra-or.com